My Mom Goes To Mecca For Umrah Last Night

I drove my mom, my brother, my aunt and her son to Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA) in record time from Alor Gajah, Malacca. My mom was so excited and was adamant that we arrived at the airport early, and as a dutiful son - the command must be obeyed.

My mom told me that the flight to Dhaka (yes, she is taking the longer router, via Bangladesh, thus the cheaper ticket rates) will be boarding at 2.00 am as we entered the terminal at 10.30. She was dead wrong, the flight to Dhaka was at 6.45 am, and 2.00 am was the time agreed for the jemaah umrah to arrive at the airport! Four hours of waiting!!!! I hate waiting. Mother can be so forgetful, but I cannot be angry long with her :)Above is the picture of a Lexus displayed in the terminal. I like this car so much. So shiny.... So if anyone of you have so much money, please get me this car as a present. :) Thanking you in advance.

The stores in the terminal weren't interesting enough and the f**king bookstore (the only kind of shop I can relate to) was closed! The merchandise were for travellers and nothing attracted the little kiddies in me. Foodwise... so bloody expensive (yes cheapskate me). So I walked to McDonald's (because KFC was closed) to have something to eat.

This very embarrassing incident happened to the cashier girl at McD... As I was queuing up at the only opened counter, I was actually fuming with the marked high price of the meals. So you can imagine my thunder-black face when finally face-to-face with her, after like 20 minutes of waiting in line, plus marinating over the highway-robbery of airports.

"Welcome to McDonald's, can I have your order sir?"

"I would like a chocolate shake and two large coffee (for my mom and aunt)"

"The shake kiosk is at the front sir." The girl smiled and pointed at the said place in front.

I slowly turned around... and then turned back facing her.

"But there is nobody there you STUPID girl!" (Yes I actually said this in English)

"Ah err.... ok ok I will go there now." Her face was now ashen.

"Forget about it!" And I stormed out of the building ops, McD furiously (with style).

My other relatives started to arrive at 2.30 am. Above is the pic of my mom (with the red head cover) with her sisters and sister-in-laws.

And this adorable boy is my nephew Dzarif, my sister's second child. His older sister, Dzara was sleeping at home like a log. He seems to prefer me carrying him around than others. :) :)

My sister decided to treat us for a meal and I told her what happened in McD. She was also born sarcastic,"Oooo, let's go and see her again." So we trooped to McD and I sat deliberately in plain sight from the counter. Immediately, another girl just popped up at the dessert kiosk, which was deserted earlier. Well, I was not in the mood for chocolate shake anymore. And the cashier girl had her face down the entire period we were there. Mwa ha ha ha ha!

And this is the pic of the terminal from outside at 3.30 bloody morning. I have a cigarrette in my hand, and surprise surprise, was smoking with it. I found out long ago that after smoking, I will have trouble sleeping. So less sleepy on the drive home, get it?

My mom and brother (I forgot to mention, yes, he went with my mom) checked in at 4.00 am. After another furious racing bout, I broke my own record by 15 minutes.

Selamat Mengerjakan Umrah, Mommy!


Tenchi said...

Long time didnt see you smoke liao

Shadowthorne said...

I rarely smoke la.

Aizan Suhaira said...

I kinda like airports actually. But I understand the crankiness of having to wait four hours... well into the wee hours of the morning.

drNO said...

I get cranky if i wait for hours (actually 1/2 hour already makes me feel so uneasy).
semoga ur mum mendapat keberkatan semasa mengerjakan umrah (wonder how do we say that in english?? hmm??)

SSQuo said...

Oh its wonderful to see the family, thanks for posting the pics. :)

Oh and thanks for sharing so much of yourself, a cig and two fingers!

Shadowthorne said...

Aizan; Airports are a girl's best friend? (saw a lot of Beyonce there)

DrNO; sikit jer mat saleh pergi haji @ umrah so diorang tak wat ler sentences for it :)

SSQuo; oh just say you wanna see my pretty picture. I might post one only for you.

SSQuo said...

yes, DYING to see your pretty picture sans Kiki and mom and cigarettes. Just to be upfront, I wont be posting one online though, I just dont do it, but surely can exchange it sometime if you promise not to poke pins at it in the middle of your rituals! I can't handle pricks. :(

Anonymous said...

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Inkpot said...

What lovely photos. Thanks for posting them. You are indeed a most dutiful son. You know I would buy the Lexus for you, if I could. :) As for airports and over charging - the two most expensive places for food and general knick knacks are airports and cinemas. They trade on the fact they have a captive audience. It really annoys me.

Amy Alex said...

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