On Perfumes...

Used to have DKNY's Delicious (loved the apple fragrance) but it was stolen by a friend. Have Armani Code for men, but it smells so.... normal.

But I have many Body Shop's fragrances, used them since secondary school. Juba, Ananya, Oceanus, Heartfelt, White Musk, Strawberry etc.

I dabbed a few drops of Body Shop's Sandalwood essence before going to work this morning.

And I smelled like a tree the entire day.

p.s. - I love citrus / lemony fragrances the most. Unfortunately I cannot find the one that I want here. Used to have one, Dune by Cristian Dior, but gave it to somebody a long long time ago. *sniff*


Aizan Suhaira said...

I have a thing for Hugo perfumes. Somehow most of them smell really good on me.

My 'signature scent' us Hugo Deep Red.

Used to drive my ex crazy when he smells it on me.


Shadowthorne said...

Hugo Boss got perfumes for women?! Well, we live and learn o mighty Aizan, Duchess of Doom.

Inkpot said...

A friend does not steal your perfume, Shadow. I hope you unleashed hell on him.

I really like Hugo too Aizan.

I'm in perfume limbo at the moment. I have a few scents people have given me that I like (but not love) and I am too poor and mean not to use them, but I haven't found the perfect smell for me yet. guess I have to keep on looking. :)

Shadowthorne said...

Keep looking for that smell, stench, odor etc Inky!

Rotting meat is so out of style for evil these days. :)

Tenchi said...

I don't like perfume...make me sneeze...

Inkpot said...

Rotting meat never goes out of style, Shadowthorne, but it is associated these days with the more old fashioned evil villian. I want something that is a bit more contemporary.

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